Zany Zeus Halloumi Cheese
Zany Zeus Feta Cheese
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Halloumi 150-200g
Feta 150-200g
Zany Zeus


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Zany Zeus Halloumi has a distinctive folded texture garnished with mint leaves. Serve fried or grilled by slicing and cooking in a pan or BBQ over a medium heat until softened in the centre and golden brown on both sides. Eat fresh with sliced watermelon as a refreshing snack.

Zany Zeus Feta has a creamy and smooth texture with salty taste. Use on cheeseboards, antipasto platters and in cooking to. Zap up your favourite Greek salad with cubed Creamy Feta, a drizzle of Olive oil and sprinkled of Oregano.

Zany Zeus

Zany Zeus is very big on making organic milk and cream products (branded 'Zorganic') affordable. They’ve been successful largely because, after gaining traction with the business, they expanded the factory and invested in their own milk processing plant.

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