The Oatery Granola
The Oatery Cacao Granola 400g
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The Oatery
Spiced or Cacao

Spiced Granola - A blend of all things warming, our Warmly Spiced Granola combines nuts, seeds, buckwheat, coconut, raisins, oats and a fusion of warming spices to create the perfect topping on any breakfast, or simply to be enjoyed on it's own.

Cacao Granola - Made using premium dutch cacao, hazelnuts, buckwheat, coconut, oats and then blended with a mix of New Zealand honey, coconut oil and vanilla this granola is crunchy, chocolaty and delicious.

Dairy free, refined sugar free, plant based and vegan friendly. 400g.

The Oatery

As my sister often tells people, I have always had a strange affinity with porridge. Throughout university, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still look forward to it for my next meal. To me, porridge is a blank canvas that hasn’t been entirely explored yet which I guess is part of the appeal - you can get weird and creative with it, but it will still be comforting no matter the topping. The idea sparked when I was traveling through Europe and a friend took me to a porridge café. I remember having that ‘aha’ moment and knew straight away I wanted to bring the concept back to New Zealand. So here we are, a few years on from that visit, having started The Oatery. The Oatery follows the ethos that people shouldn't have to choose between nutrition vs flavour, which is why our menu is driven by the seasons and all of our products are refined sugar free, plant based and vegan friendly. We’ve recently grown some wheels, so come and find us rolling around town to try our latest and greatest. Our next step is to find a tiny home somehwere in the centre of Wellington a.k.a shop or window, we’re just waiting to find that perfect spot.

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