Bohemein Mini Truffles
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Manuka Honey
Raspberry & Chocolate
Salted Hazelnut Praline


Each Ballotin box is 125 grams and has approximately 20 truffles. All Bohemein Truffles are made with Natural Flavors and Colors

Bohemein Truffles

In 2005, George and his wife opened Bohemein Fresh Chocolates with the goal of creating chocolates that were made with high quality and fresh NZ ingredients. From his experiences of chocolate shop’s back home, George opened Bohemein with a simple premise, “I can do this, but I think can do it better”. The idea was simple, take great tasting ingredients and treat them with respect and integrity to retain what made them great in the first place. There is beauty in the simplicity of how we treat and make our products. The important thing is that we don’t confuse simplicity with easy. We don’t do easy, we don’t do hard, we just do it right. Great ingredients, combined with a lot of passion and the correct technique delivers great results. That’s why we believe our chocolates rival any in the world.

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