Ritual Tea - Organic Black Breakfast tea
Ritual Tea
Ritual Tea
Ritual Tea - Organic Peppermint Tisane tea
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Kitchen Table Tea

Ritual’s breakfast tea is something to be treasured at the start of every day. Fairtrade and organic black tea, grown at high elevation in Sri Lanka, Ritual’s Kitchen Table Tea is prized for its full-body and malty flavour.

Fine Fettle Tisane

Naturally caffeine-free, peppermint is an invigorating herb that aids digestion and is a natural muscle relaxant. This refreshing tisane is perfect for late morning or afternoon reinvigoration as it can help head off hunger pangs.

Ritual Tea

We are small husband and wife team (Fiona and Ian). We purchased Ritual Tea Company from the founder, Katie late in 2019. We had been finding it more and more difficult to get a good cuppa from what was available in the usual tea bag range until we discovered Ritual Tea.


Ritual Tea is proud to use only Fairtrade and organic tea from the Idulgashinna plantation in Sri Lanka, the world’s oldest organic tea plantation.


Our Fairtrade certification ensures that workers are getting a fair wage for a day's work. We believe accreditation works as a benchmark for good practice; without it anyone can say anything.


The growing, caring and picking of tea is an art form. At Ritual we respect this long tradition and the people who have mastered the ability to do it well. By choosing Fairtrade you are respecting them too

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