Nela's Chai
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Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg & pepper. 
Nela's Chai

Nela’s Chai is made from highest quality of freshly ground spices and ingredients. This makes for a very unique taste. It is stimulating and full of health benefits. It brings Nela great joy to see people enjoy Nela’ss Chai as much as she enjoys making it. 

Authentic flavour, freshly ground spices, made to the highest quality and with great care, easy and convenient to make, ethically sourced, locally made.

Nela's Chai

Nela has a passion for teaching cooking and entrepreneurship.
Nela's Chai was formed in 2015 in Island Bay, Wellington. 
Nela saw the world through spices and herbs at a very young age.
Nela comes alive with spice fusions, spice blends and flavours of all kinds.
I enjoy teaching people to create tasty foods that are nourishing and easy to prepare.


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