Mamia's Sauces
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Mamia's is an Ethiopian cooking sauce, relish or marinade. 

The product is vegan, nut free, gluten free, GMO-free, has no preservatives, no added sugar and is made in Wellington. The unique flavour for the sauce comes from an Ethiopian spice mixture.

The sauce can be used in a variety of dishes from a curry or stew to a pizza base sauce or relish on a sandwich or burger. The many different ways the sauce can be used is what makes it unique. If you are needing a quick and easy meal or are not comfortable in the kitchen this sauce is ideal as it has plenty of flavours that no additional ingredients are required for creating a tasty dish.


In Mamia’s family, we believe great food should be at the heart of every gathering. It brings people together connecting us across tables, continents, and oceans in the most intimate and joyful way. For us, cooking is a ritual a passion that has never left, and has travelled with us from Ethiopia to New Zealand.