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Beetroot Pickle
Mustard Pickle 
Carrot Pickle (400ml)


Beetroot Pickle: Warming spices make this juicy & versatile pickle a perfect companion for strong cheeses, creamy avocado or meatballs. Create an instant salad with grains & greens, or add to hummus for a tasty pink dip.

Mustard Pickle: A tart mustard pickle, just like Gran used to make. Perfect with pastrami or other cold cuts or pop it on top of your hummus for a delicious platter accompaniment. A nostalgic condiment to enjoy with a classic cheese sandwich.

Carrot Pickle (400ml): Bright & crunchy with a touch of heat. The perfect meal pick-me-up! Don't let that pickle juice go to waste, it's delicious as a vinaigrette or whisk with tahini for a creamy salad dressing. 

At Esther’s, we endorse the joyful eating of healthy creative food.

Support your well-being & bring life to your plate with fermented foods bursting with live cultures, alongside wholesome nostalgic pickles & preserves.

We choose to use organic fair trade sugar & naturally organic NZ sea salt in all our products, which we create using locally grown NZ produce.

Handmade on the Miramar Peninsula, Wellington, NZ

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