Esther's Feijoa Lime Marmalade
Esther's Marmalade
Esther's Orange Tumeric Marmalade
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Organic Orange & Turmeric
Feijoa & Lime

Orange Flavour: A glorious juicy marmalade with fresh sunny turmeric. Perfect on hot buttered crumpets or stirred through porridge topped with cinnamon walnuts. For a more adventurous flavour combination we recommend you try it on toast with crunchy peanut butter and sprinkled with our spicy Dukkah. We only use Fair Trade Organic sugar.

Feijoa & Lime: A delicious, full flavoured marmalade made with two of our favourite fruits. For a classic breakfast, spread all over hot buttered crumpets or fresh sourdough. Especially delicious when paired with blue cheese, fruit toast, or a sharp cheddar on your next cheese board. We only use Fair Trade Organic sugar.


At Esther’s, we endorse the joyful eating of healthy creative food.

Support your well-being & bring life to your plate with fermented foods bursting with live cultures, alongside wholesome nostalgic pickles & preserves.

We choose to use organic fair trade sugar & naturally organic NZ sea salt in all our products, which we create using locally grown NZ produce.

Handmade on the Miramar Peninsula, Wellington, NZ

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