Esthers Dukkah 50g Jar
Esther's Dukkah
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Our toasted dukkah spice blend has a bold, earthy flavor that will complement a wide range of foods. The combined spices and seeds provide a tanginess and mild heat with a lovely crunchy texture. Try with fresh bread soaked in olive oil, or sprinkled over peanut butter with fresh tomato and sauerkraut. An absolute winner on fried eggs and avocado. Spice up your salads, soups or roasted veg...the most versatile flavour sprinkle in your pantry!


At Esther’s, we endorse the joyful eating of healthy creative food.

Through a slow and considered making process we create live-cultured pickles, savoury snacks and tasty seasonal condiments. We love creating good food for great people, starting with menu design and creative flavour combinations for some of your favourite cafes. Our passion is nourishing humans, delighting taste buds and supporting well being so take a jar home today and bring some life to your plate! 

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