Earth End Honey
Earth End Honey
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Petone Pōhutukawa Honey
Wadestown Garden Honey
Earth End

Our Petone Pōhutukawa Honey is one of a kind with its creamy texture  & white chocolate + soft Vanilla taste  procured yearly from a family relatives backyard off Jackson St. This honey is particularly difficult in its procurement as it sets quickly in the frames meaning if not extracted with precision then it solidifies making it near impossible to extract without damaging quality. With an abundance of native Pōhutukawa trees dotted throughout this small Wellington township that flower every December we encourage you to consume when unwell especially with a sore throat by the teaspoon or try on sour dough with a touch of butter.

Earth End Honey

This journey began in the small coastal township of Eastbourne, New Zealand with myself and family who are both steeped in a love for bees and the unique native terroir of our part of this world. The art of keeping bees in this environment hasn't been without hurdle , forging a strong appreciation for this ancient craft to us that has bestowed a longing connection to the land. Upon sharing our own free range procured honey the exploration to unearth that of others whilst promoting the importance of pollinators to our existence has become the heart of what Earthend is and will always represent.

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