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Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
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Peru Chocolate Bar
Dominican Republic Chocolate Bar
Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar
Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
Organic Milk Chocolate Bar
Beautiful pressed chocolate bar
Wellington Chocolate Factory Bars
Wellington Chocolate Factory Bars
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Original Milk Chocolate 75g
Salted Caramel 75g
Anzac 75g

Wellington Chocolate Factory


Original Milk Chocolate Bar
Welcome to the darker side of milk chocolate. We've lovingly blended the full flavour of Dominican Republic cocoa beans with the best local organic milk. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar
Our most popular bar ever. Generous lashings of salted brittle caramel strewn over our special house blended chocolate.

Anzac Chocolate Bar
Crunchy house-made ANZAC biscuit on top of our creamy Coconut Milk chocolate. Extremely moreish, with an oaty crunch atop a creamy coconut milk base.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

We don’t just make NZ’s highest quality, organic, ethically sourced and traded, award-winning, bean to bar chocolate (as if that isn’t enough). We dream of creating a better tasting world, for our suppliers and customers alike.

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