Chantal's Fine Salt
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250g. Organic & Aluminium Free
Chantal's Organics

Our sea salt is harvested from the Southern Ocean using the natural evaporation process of the New Zealand sun and wind.

Chantal's Organics

Chantal Organics started in 1978, in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, when a group of like-minded people shared a vision of healthier food and a better life for their families. They formed a co-operative to buy organic and natural wholefoods. One of the families had a daughter named Chantal, so the name Chantal Organics is a permanent reminder that organic and natural whole foods care for our families, our environment and future generations.

Our vision is to bring certified organic foods to people across the world. We want quality organic and whole foods to be affordable and believe they should fill every Kiwi pantry. Family run and proudly made in heartland New Zealand, we simply care about what you eat.

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