Bonsoy Soy Milk - 1 Litre
Bonsoy Soy Milk
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Full-bodied, subtle, smooth.

Bonsoy is created from organic soybeans that are processed to the highest standard, helping deliver the best that nature has to offer.

Bonsoy is a great milk alternative and can be enjoyed straight from the pack, in your coffee and smoothies, and is a perfect milk substitute in your favourite baking and cooking recipes.


It takes whole food to nourish whole humans. Since 1983, we’ve been crafting premium-quality drinks packed with real food for real people. Whether it’s saying goodbye to lactose, or simply your inner-health preference, Bonsoy is wholly made goodness. From soy and almond milk to organic coconut milk and water, we’re the golden halo of health. So when you visit a café and see our boxes stacked high, or open a fridge to that welcome warm glow, you’ll experience a feeling of calm. 

Created by Japanese soy masters using recipes perfected over many centuries, Bonsoy uses only a premium variety of soybeans. The beans are cooked finely ground with purified hot water, a process which gives Bonsoy its unique mellow flavour. Our special variety of whole soybeans are ideal for people wishing to add soy to their daily diet.