Best Ugly Bagels - Plain 4 pack
Best Ugly Bagels - Sesame Seed 4 pack
Best Ugly Bagels - Gluten free 4 pack
Best Ugly Bagels Store, Wellington New Zeland
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Plain 4 Pack
Sesame 4 Pack
Gluten Free 4 Pack
Best Ugly Bagels

Why Best Ugly? Well, if you were punched, rolled, boiled and fired, you wouldn’t look so great either. Don’t worry, our Montreal-style bagels are deliberately manhandled – hand rolled and cut, then simmered in sweet honey water. We then shove them into our custom-made stone oven which runs on New Zealand’s greatest natural fuel – Manuka hard wood.

It’s the rough and ready treatment that gives them their unique style and flavour. You know what they say. You always hurt the ones you love. And now we offer a gluten free bagel, and have worked up a new chocolate bagel, so no matter your taste, we have you covered.

Best Ugly Bagels

Al spent two years in Montreal in the 80s where he first discovered hand-made, wood-fired bagels. Authenticity is the key.

To create the exact same style, taste and texture, Al and his guys trained in Montreal at what is considered the spiritual home of the extraordinary bagel - Saint Viateur of Montreal. Between their 5 shops, Saint Viateur produce over 3000 dozen bagels per day - all hand rolled and baked in wood-fired stone ovens.

Our name came from our friends in New York at Avroko. We think it best describes our bagels. Not perfect circles, but perfectly tasty.

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