Original Oat Milk
Barista Oak Milk
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1 Litre
Dairy free, GMO & soy free,unsweetened.
All Good Organics


Our Original Oat Milk is much creamier, and thicker than your average plant based milk. It’s pleasantly (but not overpoweringly) oaty, and we’ve left any sweetening to you. Not such a big leap for anyone making the planet-friendly switch from dairy. The Original Oat Milk is dairy free, GMO & soy free. Its good for you, the planet, smoothies, cereal, cups of tea, hot chocolate, baking, or whatever.

Made especially for a fantastic flat white, our Barista by All Good is blended to make a super-silky micro-foam, stretching beautifully without splitting. And, when it comes to the all-important drinking, its light on oatiness and surprisingly, well milky. All Good Oat Milk is made with real oats, squished and squeezed to keep the beta-glucans in.

All Good

All Good Organics are here to bring you food that’s good for the land, good for the growers and good for you because we believe Fairtrade and organic shouldn’t be exceptions, everything we consume should be fair and good for all of us — especially what we eat. 

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