Karma Cola Range
Karma Cola Range
Karma Cola Range
Karma Cola Range
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Karma Cola
Cola Nut, Sugar
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Lemons, Sugar
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Karma Cola

Karma Cola’s original recipe is made with Fairtrade organic cane sugar and real cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone. Part of the proceeds from each bottle go to cola growers’ families.

Karma Cola

We believe what you drink should not only taste good, it should be good for the land, good for the people who grow the ingredients and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be.

Back in 2010 we made our first few bottles of Karma Cola using a bag of cola nuts sent to us by our friends in Boma, a small village in the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone. We’d learned that the world drinks more than a million colas a minute but none of the money went back to the people who originally discovered the stuff. So we made a drink to fix that

We set up the Karma Cola Foundation to make sure the people who grow our cola get something back from the people who drink it.

The people we work with in Sierra Leone want the same things as us. They want to send their kids to school and they want to be self-sufficient. Sometimes this can be as simple as having food stored safely away for the rainy season that will inevitably come. The Karma Cola Foundation gives cola farmers and their families this independence through trade and supporting projects to develop infrastructure and education.

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